We haven’t been huge fans of the Transformers series, mostly because, well, Michael Bay is kind of a hack. But truth be told Transformers 3 was by far the best in the ongoing saga, and at the end of the day what’re ya gonna say? They’re essentially beautifully rendered giant robots beating the everliving shit out of each other — usually while some absurdly hot girl runs around in skimpy clothes with a guy way below her league yelling, “No no no no no no no no!” It’s a formula, but it’s a sound one. Well here comes Transformers 4: Buy Another Island Age of Extinction, and while the bat shit crazy that is Shia Labeouf is out, Bay has replaced him with Mark “Say Hello To Ya Mutha For Me” Wahlberg. You can also throw in Nicola Peltz as the smoking hot chick who wear 6-inch heels on the farm, and Dinobots… well, because it’s about time we had the Dinobots. And Grimlock. Enjoy. Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters June 27, 2014.

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