29 Apr
Posters of Marvel's very best heroes & villains in Austin, TX

Artist Mike Mitchell, known for the portrait-like quality he gives to the subjects of his work, has applied this dignified aesthetic to 60 heroes and villains of Marvel Comics. The result is to have transformed the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas into something more along the lines of a Marvel Universe Pantheon — representing everyone from icons like the Hulk, Daredevil (old and current), Captain America, Wolverine (old and current), Spider-Man (old and current), and Iron Man (old and current) to lesser known (but still beloved) characters like Doctor Strange, Moon Knight and Bullseye. Mitchell has spoken fondly of a childhood happily riddled with characters of comics, his youth immersion going deeper than just the comics themselves but of course extending also to the action figures, cartoons and video games that involved them. The results make this series an appropriate turn in the path of the artist’s journey, right down a nostalgic memory lane. “Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo” had its opening reception a few days ago and will continue to run until May 17th. Any unsold prints will probably sell on the Mondo website soon thereafter, so keep your eyes open.

A close-up of Deadpool saying ‘sup after the Jump…

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