11 Apr
Artist Antonio Brasko brandalizes street cred on the cat walk

Antonio Brasko, a designer out of Portland, Oregon, has taken graffiti back to the streets where it belongs. Well, except without the streets, or the graffiti part. More accurately speaking to his concept of brandalizing, what he has done is a treatment of the effect that street art and culture has had on the fashion world, and then applied the branding concept of the spraycan’s design to either the cans themselves or photographs of the cans printed on canvas.This Brandalizing project coolly echoes a Warhol soup-can-meets-spraycan aesthetic (because that has certainly never been done before, nope, not ever), but delivered with the sleek appearance that can only have sprayed from the design-savvy mind of a hardcore “brandal.” The iconic image of the spraycan is literally wrapped in the branding of street fashion’s most relevant names, like Supreme or Adidas, as well as some well-above-the-street brands too, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Louis Vitton and Givenchy — just to name a few notorious (clothing) taggers who have now been spraycandalized. So if you’re thinking you like the idea of street art on your walls, without actually tainting the clean gloss of its neat three-coat paint job, you can instead get yourself 400 ml of a limited edition spraycan that’s been tagged signed by the artist himself. This is clearly inspired by all the “subverting” principles of “brandalism” that graffiti artists were getting paint-dizzy over while bombing NYC trains in the 70’s. For only $500, you too can “just do it,” because street cred and haute couture obviously belong together.

Or then again, maybe they don’t.

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