16 Apr
Sneak peak at Marvel Comic's next LEGO blockbuster

What’s that? A Marvel comic going blockbuster movie you say? Impossible! Well, if Guardians of the Galaxy is a ship you wanna jump on, LEGO is already on board. In honor of the upcoming release this August (watch the trailer here), LEGO has created some do-it-yourself spoiler-alert action scenes. These buildable previews include “Starblaster Showdown,” a 196-piece set where Star Lord battles against the Sakaaran’s Necrocraft set to go for $20, “Knowhere Escape Mission,” 433 pieces of Grook and Rocket Raccoon beating bad guys while escaping from Knowhere at $40, and “The Milano Spaceship Rescue,” the main transport ship and is the big boy of the sets at 665 pieces, going for about $75 . A must-build collector’s set for any comic-slash-toy nerd out there.


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