Debuting this Thailand Toy Expo is a vivid, sexy and awesomely creepy scene built from the toy parts of Fool’s Paradise and JP Toys (and perhaps maybe just a tinge of Star Wars scrap parts). The image is a sexy hodgepodge of a Jedi-Jesus meets stripper cat-fight delivered in a lurid, mildly slapdash, deliciously blasphemous sort of way that will bring any keiko doll collector to the dark side. Perhaps the best part of the message this scene seems to send (of a keiko Darth Vader worshiping a keiko Jesus/Trooper) is that it is pretty unclear what it actually is, but whatever it is might make you feel a little tingly/queasy. Intrigued? Want to make it rain for the earlier version of this Sunday church scene ? Tough tits, dolly, because that one sold out quick. The one shown, however, is expected to be a 100-piece limited edition, with 35 available for pick up at the Thailand Toy Expo on May 1st. It is selling at at around $400 USD and comes with a signed poster by the artist, Alan Ng.

Luke, accept Trooper-Tits as Your Father after the Jump…

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