Brian Ferron, a severely bearded eccentric and adventurer now gunning through the midsection of his life, has had a journey which has spanned professions, achievements and locations. His accomplishments range from building movie-worthy truck-machines for Hollywood sets, location scouting in adventurous terrain, building some intense mobile-maximogs, flying choppers, racing motorcycles, and skipping the hobbies that regular people embrace, such as gardening radishes, for something a lot more intensive  — archaeology. Basically, his life has consisted of grabbing anything by the horns that would classify him as a thrill-seeking daredevil.

But in the more recent years he has added fatherhood to the list, thereby curbing his life-investment into wild, wordly, and even dangerous hobbies. Though still an inventor with insatiable wanderlust, being a dad to his daughter little Kira brings a new edge of inspiration to his expeditions, as well as to how and why he approaches them. Given this new bend in life’s road, he took on a new project: his building of the world’s most insane adventure truck, basically EVER. This mother of Mogs has been very deliberately set to seat three — father,  wife and daughter — and has been aptly name the KiraVan. The super-truck project to mow down all others took him a good four years and counting to create, with unknown costs into the millions that have gone into his consulting about, building upon, and otherwise perfecting the vehicle.

Some off-the-wall, off-road highlights of the RV-meets-monster-truck include: a full-on kitchen (and dining area… and bathroom and bedroom, come to think of it,) with the capacity to feed a family of three, dinner-at-home style for six weeks, drones to fly ahead of the vehicle for traffic navigation, 22 cameras to monitor the truck’s exterior, and a motorcycle stowed in the rear, you know, just because. The KiraVan, in fact, seems as much the perfect vehicle to survive the Zombie Apocalypse as it does a weekend camping in the Sierras. The six-wheeled behemoth should be ready to roll sometime this year, with capabilities that surpass that of anything to ever hit the streets, hills, swamps — or any terrain at all — before.

Detailed shots of the Kiravan SuperMog below…


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