In its limitless quest to license every cartoon known to mankind, LEGO has now built the home of everybody’s favorite dysfunctional jaundiced family, the Simpsons. And this set of 2,523 LEGO bricks shows a pretty comprehensive study of their Springfield home, its familiar amenities including the (dented) pink car, Maggie’s crib, the family living room (right down to Itchy and Scratchy playing on the tube), Bart’s bedroom complete with Krusty poster and skateboard, the purple piano, Lisa’s room with its books and jazz poster, and basically any detail that our collective memory of America’s premier cartoon home can muster. Aside from all the expected rooms in the house, and many smaller touches such as Lisa’s backpack and camera, the backyard also holds up on its details, being the location for Bart’s skateboard ramp and the BBQ grill with sausages included — Woohoo! The house comes with six figures — Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and even Ned Flanders, too — and even includes the detachable roof and garage (with workbench). The Simpsons x LEGO house builds to measure 9″ x 16″ x 9″; it’ll cost you  $200 to get your one way ticket to Springfield.

Grab a Duff’s and check out the many details of the LEGO Springfield house below…

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