4 Apr
Your fraying earbuds will never sound the same again

Plug any old headphones into McIntosh Labs new MHA100 amp and get the full sound of conventional speakers, with the capacity for both digital inputs and 50-watt stereo speaker outputs, too. The Autoformer technology gives impedance ranges of 8-40, 40-150 and 150-600 ohms which means any old earbud you plant in there will do the trick. So basically, even if you just strap a dixie cup to your ear via a piece of neon yarn, it will still sound McIntosh sweet. Additionally, the Headphone Crossfeed Director will give you all the depth you need for a non-shite recording. And the four digital inputs (or two analaog inputs) can decode at up to 32 bits and 192kHz for maximum analog fidelity. The amp is also about the size of your lunchbox (dimensions being 11-1/2″x 5-9/16″ x 18″), so change out the soggy coldcuts for some desktop G-funk if you know what’s good for you. Other features include:  Five-step bass boost, media bridge which allows for streaming (including from wireless devices plus cloud access for back up), and, of course, the stainless steal casing with sturdy knobs and brushed aluminum end caps. Find a McIntosh dealer here.


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