10 Apr
Trainer inspired by the NFL's greatest receiver of all time

The new Jerry Rice-inspired version of the lightweight Free Trainer 5.0 built for hardcore activity is now available at Nike. Rice, known not just for his football feats (which place him as the best wide receiver the game has ever seen), but also for his intense training sessions along the steep hills of San Francisco, inspired this take on the Nike Free Trainer. Taking color cues from the team that Rice help built, the 49ers, the shoe is a vivid combination of red, white and gold with touches of black along with the Nike Free 5.0 white rubber sole with gum treading. The red insoles also bear a list of athletic accomplishments by the former NFL wide receiver, which means there’s a helluva lot of text in there. Yours for $110.

Check out the Nike x Jerry Rice Free Trainer 5.0 NRG insole after the Jump…


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