The Reference Series is the next level of sophisticated drinking. This series of malted whiskey blends sets out for a bottle-paced experiential immersion into the long life of a whiskey, with each blend being bottled (and marked as such) at different points in the aging process. The taster’s experience is thus a deliberate sensorial study in whiskey preparation, aging and imbibing. Finally drinking that won’t make you stupid, but maybe even a tad smarter.

Masters Of Malt has geared the series toward the skilled drinker looking for the next level of refining his experience. Each in the three-part whiskey series starts from the same four core ingredients and is aged in increasing increments. You, the drinker, play both consumer and understudy, experiencing the progressions that the whiskey makes, reading the tasting notes on the back of each bottle, while living them on the pallet. Now there’s a learning experience worth toasting.

Three presently exist in the series (I, II and III, respectively), with promises for special edition runs in the future (for example, I.1, I.2, each new variation noting the nuances made by adjustments in preparation or technique). Prices begin at $62, also increasing incrementally, with each blend being available in sampler’s portions as well.

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