Jason Freeny, the man behind Moist Production, is a sculptor, designer, illustrator and mangler of all that is cuteness, and he has been seen around these parts before. With a professional history that made a brief pit stop in toy design years ago, it is no wonder that the subjects of his work are often directly inspired by playthings. Fueled by a love of anatomy, he has become known for his toy dissections, those most often being sculptures where the likes of Hello Kitty, LEGO figurines or Goldfish crackers are stuffed with biologically reminiscent bodily systems in lieu of plush fillings, magical rainbows or whatever crap we formerly thought kept toys “alive.”  He has called the approach to his art “reverse forensics” where “the shape of the character dictates the shape of the organs.” While there is indeed an element of the grotesque associated with cramming cartoon spleens into Super Mario, he never completely strays from the precious — the guts of his pieces almost clinically maintaining their toy-trueness in that their insides are representative of their outsides. Freeny’s art, however, is not just sculptures from science class in Candyland, as his work spans design and illustrations too. He is by no means limited to anatomical studies, though his style is definitely most often indicative of the more adorable renderings of blood, guts and yuck.

When asked about his plans for future projects, Freeny mentioned the intention of introducing his own characters, and that while he would continue to be inspired by his trademark elements of anatomy, he plans to expand upon the quarter-cut biological toy-studies for which he is presently known.

Check out several galleries of Jason Freeny’s work below…


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