28 Apr
Plus Doublas M2 severed heads available for pre-order

Manga geeks and toy collectors prepare for liftoff. If you’re familiar with the Kodansha series by Go Nagai and the Fuji anime TV series Mazinger Z from the 70’s (and you really had better be), not only is that evidence of your being a complete nerd knowledgeable niche-anime collector, but you are about to get some good news. Threezero is releasing its super robot Mazinger Z, a 16″ fully articulated stainless steel figure. Besides its clear battle-scarred awesomeness, some features include light-up eyes, a mighty sword and detachable mighty knuckles — and an additional Threezero exclusive, the Doublas M2 severed heads. Exhibit A for Japanime fandom can be pre-ordered $330.

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