15 May
Wear the lotion, don't smoke it stoner...

…just because this is stoner lotion. Apothecanna is a new line of skincare products founded by an industrial designer and Aveda-vet. Smart guy, for someone is finally applying the concept of medicinal marijuana in ways beyond an ingredient in a Buddahfingers candy bar that will drop you on your ass. The Colorado apothecary is notable, and perhaps groundbreaking, in that they are the first skincare company in the country to be licensed to use the extract of cannabis flowers in this way — meaning, as a topical ointment, the application of which has no intention or ability whatsoever of getting you baked. Given the trace elements of THC, you’ll have to order it from a medical marijuana facility in blessed Colorado. And in case of any skeptics, or any of you considering wasting a batch on lotion hits, recent studies have linked cannaboidal oils to having anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-acne and dry-skin regulating properties. So put that in your pipe and smoke it  — figuratively, not literally. These creams come in organically based pain, calming and stimulating formulas, and start in their smaller bottles at $12.

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