This past weekend Brooklyn, hip-hop heads and Beastie Boy fans openly remembered the two year anniversary since the loss of MCA to cancer. Since his passing, many tributes and acts of remembrance have made their way to various forms of media from DJ Food’s robust mixtape tribute to this Beastie-inspired comic from illustrator Derek Langille, “Sabotage.” The comic takes the lyrics of the titular song and applies a visual story-board narrative ripped straight from their infamous Spike Jonze-directed video. Starring alter-egos Vic Colfari, Alasondro Alegré and of course Sir Stewart Wallace himself, Langille’s “Sabotage” comic is certainly worth a look to any fan of the Beastie Boys — aka anyone who made it outside the womb before the turn of the century.

Adam Yauch, better known as MCA, was one of the founding members of the beloved trio that would go onto change the face of hip-hop, and indie music itself. Their “new style” would top charts and cross cultures in a way that would permanently bring their hip-hop/punk hybrid to the mainstream. The emcee, activist and filmmaker is fondly remembered. MCA, rest in peace; you are forever licensed to ill.


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