5 May
Derived from elements that collect character over time

Design Unsanctioned, inspired by the heritage woven into the historical Brooklyn aesthetic, brings us the Spencer Collection. Using brass, leather and walnut as the tools to represent the Brooklyn surroundings, the collection includes simple, durable utilitarian pieces: a bottle opener, mini bottle opener, key hook and key fob. Created only by local fabricators, the parts are collected from familiar faces and then hand-finished in-house, the idea being that the pieces are derived from elements that collect character over time — much like the burrough itself. The bottle opener comes in two sizes, one in a 4″ x 2.5″ version and the mini opener at 4″ x .5″. Key hook and key fob measure 2.75″ x .75 4.125″ x 1.5″ respectively. Start your own collection via the collaboration’s Kickstarter page, with pledge-prices beginning at $18 for the fob.

Learn more about Brooklyn and the Spencer Collection below…

The Making of the Spencer Collection from Design Unsanctioned on Vimeo.

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