14 May
Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese & pickles

It seems the folks at Facetasm have confused accessorizing with a winning round at the old-school video game “Burgertime” (Google it, Millennials). The Japanese fashion house now teeters the line of the whimsical and the fashion-forward, or perhaps it’s just something something that should be available with a side of fries as dangling earrings. If you were previously a cheeseburger-no-tomato sort of soul, show some bravado here when you build your burger on your arm, particularly when the tomato may just be the only bangle in the set that actually resembles a bracelet that didn’t come out of a toy box. One wrist with everything on it will cost you about $140. Available in all black, white, or, um, burger colors?

Deconstruct the arm Whopper from Facetasm below…

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