16 May
Limited run of only 10 pieces from the Hong Kong toymakers

Coarse Toys is an artist duo in a Hong Kong studio who have gained international recognition for their sculptures and lofty “themes of denial, betrayal and lies.” (Oh my!) In fact, their beautiful take on the buzzkill has been through these parts before, multiple times, perhaps best with the rabbit-suit wearing False Friends. Their most recent work is “Jaws Wood,” which appears to be a well crafted, mildly haunting, take on some sort of a wooden Pinocchio-wishes-he-were-a-real-boy meets cranial-shark-attack headdress, last seen in the Jaws Loser vinyl figure. This killer stands at a robust 19″ tall and is a limited-edition run of only 10 pieces. Jaws Wood was recently presented in the Stroke Art Fair out of Munich. If you’re really feeling the finely crafted little freak shows of Coarse, hightail it overseas to the Artscouting Gallery or just keep digging around these parts.

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