Cobra Electronics is a respected old-school name in the mobile-communications industry. After all, these are the guys who invented the CB radio if you can copy that. And now, the trusted Chicago-based electronics producer (and maker of many a quality fuzz buster) has released the Cobra Airwave Series, a new line of Bluetooth-friendly wireless speakers. Among these light and portable speakers is the Airwave Mini, a compact, shock and water resistant two-watt speaker that was built to stand up to the outdoors. And it is shaped in a small cylinder you can clip onto a backpack, or even stuff in your pocket. Sure you can bump tunes while you pedal your beach-cruiser down the boardwalk, but it also functions as a hands-free speaker phone — which means you can finally reign supreme as the most annoying person on public transport as you alternate between yelling into your Airwave Mini and blaring Taylor Swift. And you can do it all day long as the rechargeable lithium battery allows you 10 hours of music play back and 120 hours of stand-by time. Other items in the series includes the top-tier AirWave 360 which is 8″ of Siri-voice-enabled surround sound, and the Airwave Box which is the completely water immersible version perfect for scuba diving with DJ Scuba. Go ahead and take that afternoon hike, and then drown out the birthday party at a neighboring picnic table with the Mini at the sale price of $50.

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