As you probably already know goddamned well — unless, that is, you are but a husk of humanity draped over an evil void of lameness — stickers are everything in the world that is good. And you pretty much need to leave them everywhere you can, if life is to mean anything at all. But even if you didn’t know, Ron English will help you get started with this sticker four-pack.

Ron English is a prolific artist known for his album covers, fine art and street art alike, not to mention his work being featured in the McDonald’s bashing documentary Super Size Me (and his appearance on an episode of The Simpsons). He is also known for his brand-warping aesthetic and the “subvertising” effect of what he dubs his POPaganda movement. This sticker set is comprised of four full-color stickers: a round 5″ Smiley Grin, a 4″ x 5″ die-cut Star Skull, a 3″ x 4.75″ Electrical Outlet, and the 4″ round Starbucks chick in pasties. Get your Subvertising campaign going for $10.

A full look at the Ron English POPaganda Sticker Pack in action below…

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