15 May
A limited edition run of 50 individually numbered craniums

K. Olin Tribu, a French art house with roots in toy design, has kind of given new meaning to any of our former ideas about “praying to a porcelain god”. For while their use of the material in numerous artist collaborations is indeed pretty damned sick, there is faith renewed in the creative potential of porcelain. While K. Olin Tribu is based out of France, they have worked with many in the art world before, including Ron English and Kozik to name a few, and of course, the above Skull with NooN. NooN is known predominantly for his tattoo work, though this is by no means his first time porcelain-dolling up crackable French craniums either. The Cashmere Bleu series is a limited run of 50 craniums, each individually painted and numbered, and each thus also being somewhat unique. Check your head, decorum-on-the-mantle style, in the neighborhood of  $411.

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