12 May
The latest in quality jacquard silk from Nicholas Atgemis

Le Noued Papillon is a maker of men’s ties and other silk fineries out of Sydney, Australia. Far from just bow tie makers, however, LNP have also mastered everything from the pocket square to the smoking jacket. The newest edition to their shop is the Ronaldo, a limited edition silk tie with purple rain drop pattern, highlighted by a beautifully illustrated “belle dame” lining. The lining is only visible when you flip the tie over, making it more of a secret between you and your tie. As is usual for LNP, the tie is made of handwoven Jacquard silk from Como, Italy. More on the LNP’s aesthetic from our interview with company founder Nicholas Atgemis here — or slip on this Aussie-wear with a knot of the Parisienne touch for $165.

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