A couple months ago we compiled the Lost In A Supermarket Present State Of Sound, vol 1.: Music Medley 2014 by our girl Hissa. Now she’s back with her second mixtape, compiled and masterfully explained below. To be honest, this fell in the couch crevice of the LIAS office, so it’s not as current as it was last month but still well worth your perusal. Consider the Soundcloud playlist as a sort of conga line of new releases, re-issues and some just re-ified tracks to ponder.

Ariel Pink – “Tractor Man” – “I really wanted to make the worst thing, the thing that even people who liked bad, terrible music wouldn’t like, the stuff that people would ignore, always. Something really, really stupid. Something that is destined for failure.” – Ariel Pink

The Gories – “To Find Out” – “Our mission,” says the Gories’ Mick Collins in Eric Davidson’s We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001, “was to be a band that was so raw and primitive that it would change their definitions of those words.” This is a track from their new live album.

The Savage Young Taterbug – “Hillbilly French” – too haunting for words.

Your Funeral – “I Wanna Be You” – This song is on the new Sacred Bones compilation, Killed by Deathrock Vol. 1. 

Bohren & Der Club of Gore – “Prowler” – Snow is falling outside, stay inside your stormy paradise: Bohren & Der Club of Gore‘s new album.

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Lizzy Mercier Descioux – “Hard Boiled Babe” – This woman is a pioneer.

Isaiah Rashad – “Brad Jordan” – This is the newest Southern LA transplant.

Container – “Slush” – A>M>N>E>S>I>A

Tweens – “Be Mean” – From Cincinnati, these punks have a new album out April 7.

Culted – “Illuminati” – This song comes from a metal band that has never performed live and actually collaborates long distance. In fact, four of the band’s members have never even met the lead singer! Pick up their new album, Oblique To All Paths.

Lydia Loveless – “Boy Crazy” – Check out her new record, Somewhere Else.

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