Le Tente is camping on the next level — that level being about one story up, to the topside of your vehicle. Aside from providing a double-decker treehouse-on-wheels aesthetic, it will get your ass up off the dirt and rocks at night and onto a well ventilated queen-sized foam mattress instead. Made out of sturdy waterproof canvas and measuring 56″ W x 96″ L x 50″ H (when opened), Poler Camping Stuff’s Le Tente weighs in at only 140 pounds and comes with poles and ladder. Strap it to the top of any vehicle that will accomodate it, which means you may want to reconsider any plans to take your Smart car offroading. Le Tente will cost you $1,000, meaning it will basically pay for itself on your next extended road trip.

Climb in Poler’s LeTent after the Jump…

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