12 May
USB-charged electric lighter to spark up a conversation

Picture this. You see a grown woman in front of you wrapping up a selfie shoot into a pink glitter-bling cellphone with Hello Kitty bunny ears. You don’t scoff at the absurd accessory, but you could. Because you have far more practical pursuits with your iPhone case. Sure, yours is sleek, black and simple. But it’s also functional, doubling as an electric cigarette lighter. That’s right, a god-damned firestarter. And that’s what you’re about to do.

Because as this little lady recovers from her duckface-on-the-seated-catwalk endeavor, she needs to unwind. She holds out her cigarette, frantically looking for fire, and that’s when you swoop in.

“Pretty girls never light their own cigarettes,” you can say, holding out your phone, which means you are already halfway to inputting her digits. And you can thank the iLight SuperNova for your newly facilitated luck with both ladies and lung cancer.

It’s just a simple black case with a small lighter that you’ll have to charge in a USB port completely separate from your cellphone, which is a little lame, but not as lame as losing both lighters and phone numbers in the same breath. Spark up a convo for $35.

via Gadget Review

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