Have you ever really wanted to walk around wearing 3D glasses all day, hoping you could 3D your life? So disappointing, because you soon figured out that A) 3D glasses give you a headache; B) make you look like a moron; and c) your life already is in 3D, so you actually really are a moron. But forget about that. You’re much smarter now.

Because now there are glasses that actually can make your boring life look cooler. Tens Sunglasses to the rescue. Now, instead of just shading the sun from your face, life will look beautiful and livable without your having to ingest a prescription-strength cough-syrup cocktail. Just strap on your “Classic” shades and smile, because you won’t be lying anymore when you insist that the Los Angeles smog layer really is kind of pretty.  It actually is, just in an Instagram-fudged sort of way. The world will actually look better as if seen through a Sierra filter, that boring Wienerschnitzel corn dog you ate will look so much more appealing after you’ve seen it through a SSS lens. Kind of like your face after the filter too. Pre-order a pair of their Classic model for around $60.

More on how life is better when it’s sepia, explained in the video below…

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