The work environment can be a competitive game, so it only makes sense to have a workspace that easily converts into a beer ping pong table. In fact, you and the assistant from Creative have  already been doing that for months in the conference room with a ball of rubber bands and a couple of clipboards. But now, designer Antoni Pallejá has come up with a table that is much more legit, thereby almost justifying any resulting “accidental work injuries” involving Cliff, that tight wad from Accounting. But what could beat the Casual Friday version of the game that calls for red plastic cups and a party ball of Coors?

Easily concealable while aesthetically on the up-and-up, the upholstery net and colored storage drawer easily obfuscate the real purpose of this table. Find out more at the A.P.O. website.

A.P.O. Table from Antoni Pallejà Office on Vimeo

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