Back in the 1800’s in the old days of New York, Hamilton Carthatt, in the midst of pursuing the American Dream the old-fashioned way, switched his focus from a furnishing business to a business with the sole focus of creating garments for railroad workers. Although Carhatt passed back in 1937, the company continues to thrive in the realm of sturdy workwear, its main plant now in Kentucky. Carthartt has now been an important name for well beyond a century, and to mark its 125 years of business they are releasing a line of twelve commemorative products, one released each month of the celebration. The present product lineup ranges from a $10 one-size acrylic beanie to a duck-and-sherpa 59″x46″ blanket at $60. For a full lineup of what’s available in the anniversary collection, go here. Each item, including the steel-headed hammer, bears the anniversary logo.

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