2 May
Your perfect 30-point of articulation date for movie night

If you’re not amped enough about the opening of The Amazing Spiderman 2 this weekend, you should probably start collecting action figures — stat. Perhaps you should also cut some popcorn holes into the face of your Spidey suit for when you go to the premiere — sans any self-respecting date.

Well, maybe you think that you don’t need a date anyway. Not if you carry around a limited edition Spiderman figurine — your own plasticated perfect match who you know personally as Peter Parker.

You’re almost in luck. Almost. Soon, my arachnid superhero friend, soon. Because brought to you from Hot Toys is the 1/6th-to-scale collectible figure donned in the fully film-accurate Spidey spandex — not to mention some classy street duds like wool beanie, striped scarf and North Face-like down vest. He also comes with six pairs of interchangeable palms, including palms for cobweb swinging and shooting. Yaye! However, this Spiderman, with 30 points of articulation and standing at at 30 cm tall, is not yet available in stores, so you may want to suppress your inner nerd long enough to convince an actual human-people person to accompany you to the premiere. Just try not to launch your webs into the popcorn bucket, weirdo.

Detailed looks at the Hot Toys Spiderman below…

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