Now the ultimate athletic superstar bad-boy of the 90’s can be all yours. Because Storm Collectibles has answered everyone’s prayers, and made it all possible with this 1/6th scale creepy degree of real-likeness figure of Dennis Rodman. Stay tuned for the chance to out-rebound and give a healthy kick-in-the-nuts to everyone else in your toy box cubicle. Features for the OG Detroit Pistons Bad Boy include: 11 changeable palms, tatted out muscle bod, 10 interchangeable Rodman hair-don’ts, a full on wardrobe right down to the butt-grabbing gold pants and sunglasses, stand with nameplate, and let’s not forget, the pissed-off Rodman grimace (or you can change it to grimacey smile instead). Pre-order the standard figure for $215. Or take it to the next level and get the two-body deluxe version, because, like Dennis Rodman, something is clearly the matter with you. And somehow this means you should be rewarded.

The full Rodman action figure set below…

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