So you have the finest in leather shoes, the slickest of calfskin attaché cases. When you run your hands across the Savile Row-tailored suits strung along the wooden hangers of your closet, you feel confident that you have all the best options of a gentleman. All is well, your cheeks shorn professionally by straight razor. Smooth. Smooth, that is, until it’s time to start up the cherry wood in your fire place, and that’s when it hits you: Great Scott, all you have is a half-wet cardboard book of matches from the bowling alley. Sure, maybe you have a collectible Zippo, but when it comes to matches, you have been reduced to the ordinary. But all is not lost, good sir. Don’t let the fire of exclusivity within you die just yet. Jack Spade comes to the rescue with this leather-bound matchbox which reads “Burn, Baby Burn”, and comes fully equipped with a handy match-strike strip. But actual matches? Mmm, not so much. Strike that match in the commode with class for a mere $48.

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