Back in the 17th century, Mary Queen of Scots once had a beautifully crafted skull watch made in her honor. Not long after, her head got chopped clean off. That historical timepiece, with some notes from the Day of the Dead, have directly inspired Fiona Krüger and this Black Skull watch. Each hand-decorated three-layer watch keeps its mechanical actions visible. Both the leather and Swiss mechanisms are hand crafted, with a five-day power reserve, and it comes in a polished steel case. More founded in history than the macabre (aside from the head-chopping reference), one of only 12 luxury skulls can be preordered and yours for $15,200. The original skull design, with blue trimming in lieu of black, is also available in limited edition.

One more look at the Fiona Krüger Black Skull watch after the Jump…

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