Taschen has now tow taken on Ai Weiwei for your book collection — the activist, artist of multiple disciplines, and overall hero of arts and culture in China as well as the world at large. A spokesperson for freedom in China, his works have spanned both media and causes, ranging from documentaries to music — we’ve covered his “Forever Bicycles” exhibit and “Never Sorry” doc in the past. One of his many multimedia sites, Moon, can being accessed here.

Living Art on The Edge: The Comprehensive Story of Ai Weiwei’s Life and Work, the first monograph of its kind, was put together by frequent Taschen editor Hans Werner Holzwarth. Each chapter is introduced with designs from the artist, with every one of the 1,000 copies including the artist signature as well. Included among the images are many which have gone previously unseen, as well as artist interviews, and essays from personal friends and topical experts. Each copy of the 724-page Living Art on The Edge volume is wrapped in a silk scarf and available on preorder for $1,500. The initial 100-run only art copies that sold for over $12,000 have already sold out, so move quick if you want to add it to your library.

A glimpse at Ai Weiwei’s documentary, “Disturbing the Peace” below… 

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