Finally, a dank drank! Mirth Provisions, a “budding” beverage company out of Washington state knows what’s up with your morning cup. “Legal” is an aptly named cold-brew coffee that has more to offer than just caffeine, as it also contains locally grown cannabis extract. The potency is deliberately on the milder side described as providing “a powerful body buzz and a smooth, freeing head high” if you buy it black or “an uplifting, euphoric head high and a gentle body buzz” if you take it cream and sugar. The Legal product line, however, will let you do more than just wake and brew, because Mint Provisions beverages will have you getting really, really high, and then keeping you super high with the caffeine. Flavors include Rainier Cherry, Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate and the original Cold Brew (with or without cream and sugar). Oh, and some sodas are on the way, too. Legal libations should become available in July.

Mirth Provisions “Legal” Dream Tonic soda below…

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