The crew at Coolhaus have made quite a name for themselves in Los Angeles with their ever-creative ice cream truck, with many flavors influenced by the greats of architecture and design (hence the name, quipped from famed architect Rem Koolhaas). Launched by Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, the duo have now collected their recipes into a hardcover, full-color book titled the CoolHaus Ice Cream Book — and it’s ready to spoil your supper. With 240-pages of illustrated recipes that will complement your desserts with everything from bacon to booze, Coolhaus is simply divided into chapters dedicated to a full range of flavors and textures (classic, fruity, boozy, caky, cheesy, nutty, salty and savory, just to name a few). In addition to more on cookies and other treats, it is time you find your just desserts. Spicy pineapple-cilantro-chile-sorbet, anyone? Pick up the CoolHaus Ice Cream Book for less than $20.

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