1 Jul
Handbuilt by Roy Stuart of rare Palounia wiid wood

Roy Stuart, the Kiwi Kahuna who mastered the dark art of handcrafting luxury surfboards, has released his latest masterpiece, the “Rampant 10.6′”, with a whopping price tag of $1.3 million. If you’re wondering what could possibly drive the price tag of a surfboard this deep into the blue, it’s not a gold-dipped mermaid pulled from the beaches of Atlantis — although it does have some 23-karat inlay across it’s top.

The Rampant is a one-of-a-kind board that was not initially created to be a million-dollar trip to shore.  Rather, it is built upon the knowledge gained from 20 years of product testing, the individual craftsmanship on the one piece being meticulously chronicled in Stuart’s blog over the last two years. While many components of the 10.6′ longboard make it special, he’s actually no stranger to surfboards that are bank breakers as much as they are Point Breakers. Some highlights of the board are its wood. The Rampant is constructed from the naturally magically weighted Palounia wiid — a rare, highly lightweight wood valued for its incredible strength. Other notable features are the introduction of a unique 6-inch Vort-X tunnel fin which is, quite literally, totally tubular, not to mention fashioned from the heartwood of New Zealand’s own Kahikatea tree. Thanks the to this unique fin design, the Rampant board will get you to shore at up to 35 miles per hour.

One more detail shot of the gold-leafed Rampant 10.6′ Surfboard after the Jump…

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