10 Jul
Taschen traces 1940s post-WWII America... through ads

If it weren’t for the Good War, there’d have been no Mad Men. Post-war American pride ignited a spending spree that swept the nation, and the surges of consumer culture can be traced through the pages of All-American Ads of the 40s. Taschen’s hardcover book traces the 1940s post-WWII America, through its ads and the world of advertising in general at a time when the world of Madison Avenue really gained ground. Edited by cultural and graphic-ad historian Jim Heimann, All-American Ads of the 40s also receives additional author contributions from established journalist W.R. Wilkerson III. Get a 704-page copy of the newest hardcover classic on the topic of the history of advertising for $40.

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Clearly the best ad to ever come out of the 40s after the Jump…

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