French luxury line Hermès, inspired by the lacquering techniques of the ancient Orient and the style of Persian miniature horses, apply the intricate modern French lacquering process to these limited edition watches. First miniature pieces are applied to the base of the Arceau Cheval d’Oriente watches, then the pigments lacquered in, layer by layer with a fine-tipped brush, ultimately creating a vivid and highly detailed horse-inspired image. With coats upon coats that take days upon days of reapplication, touching up and polishing, the Hermès Arceau Cheval d’Oriente watches are eventually finished with black alligator straps, white-gold pin buckle and 41mm white gold Arceau case. Three styles will be available with a limited edition totaling 24 pieces in all. More on the Hermès Arceau Cheval d’Oriente here.

All three designs of the Hermès Arceau Paris Cheval D’Orient watches below…

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