In honor of the upcoming release of the latest Marvel summer tentpole flick, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Hot Toys is coming out with a movie-accurate Rocket and Groot duo — a clear indicator that the next movie-comic franchise is on the rise. Like many a comic nerd, we’ve been anticipating the film ever since the first Guardians Of the Galaxy Trailer hit the inter webs, and succeeding teases of the movie have done nothing to quell our excitement. Now comes the merch, which started with the LEGO Collector Sets and has moved onto these amazingly detailed 1/6-to scale Hot Toys figures. The figures stand at 39cm (Groot) and 16cm tall (Rocket), each with 15 points of articulation. Interchangeable palms, angry faces, weapons, stands and costumes are all included, so you can live out your favorite scenes like any good basement-dwelling toy collector. The Hot Toys Rocket & Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Figures are due out January 2015 — just in time for the DVD release.

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