8 Jul
In celebration of Batman's upcoming 75th anniversary

High-end collectible toy manufacturer Hot Toys presents “The Bat”, a collectible set based, with eerie amounts of authentic likeness, on Batman’s stunning aerial vehicle from Dark Knight Rises. The set centers around a photographically on-point, 1/12-to-scale prototype aircraft with visual likeness right down to the weathered paint job. Figures of Batman, Selina Kyle and the fusion reactor are also included in the set, which was built to celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary. Notable details of Hot Toys’ aircraft include 12 LED lights, a functioning cockpit door, articulated back flaps, two machine guns and rocket launchers, and a remote control for lighting and propeller features. But you’ll have to wait to get your hands on The Bat — Hot Toys set won’t be released until March 4, 2015.

More detail shots of Hot Toys x Batman aerial ride after the Jump…

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