After two  prior throwback inspirations in the #TBT series (the Horace Brown-based”Stop Trippin” and Rose Royce’s “Wishing on a Star” being the last two), the Wu Chef now drops his third #TBT installment, this one based on the Isley Brothers classic “Footsteps in the Dark”  — you know, the one that soundtracked Ice Cube having an AK47-less “good day.” Sure the track came out last week, but it’s always a good day for a Raekwon throwback…

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  1. […] like Raekwon’s last Throwback Thursday entry (), the Wu Tang Clan’s esteemed Chef is back to the kitchen mixing up another soul […]

  2. […] you man have noticed, Raekwon has been doing a series of Throwback Thursday goodies as of late. You also may have noticed that today isn’t Thursday anymore. […]

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