Originally in German and recently made available in English by publishing house Gestalten, editors C. Warnier, D. Verbruggen, S. Ehmann and R. Klanten have put together a book documenting the progress, noted accomplishments and growing potential of 3D printing. Printing Things: Visions & Essentials for 3D Printing is a 256-page collection of images and ideas on the capabilities of a fascinating, and still relatively new, technology that when applied to experimental vision can create models, prototypes and even fully functional objects like small furnishings or a completely usable toothbrush. With the costs of 3D printing dropping significantly in the recent years, the future of innovation seems boundless, thereby making Printing Things an important marker for inspiration in a new, Golden Age of 3D printing. One that will continue to further three-dimensional design and additive manufacturing within a growing technology. Printing Things: Visions & Essentials for 3D Printing is now available in the U.S. for $60.

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