To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Southern California eyewear stalwarts SPY Sunglasses have released a new line of Happy Lens glasses that allege to be just that — they keep your eyes, and your mood, happy. Happy technology claims to be the biggest deal to hit a pair of shades since the polarized lens. These lenses will perfect color and contrast in surroundings, thereby affecting the very mood of their wearers. Sure no one wants sun if their face, but no one wants to be surly from eye fatigue either. Although SPY has been crafting quality eyewear for over two decades, it’s still a bit surprising to learn that they are now the oldest independent eyewear brand in the U.S. (as major labels like Oakley, Smith, RayBan, etc, have all been bought up years ago), so they deserve props for a lasting legacy. The SPY “Happy 20″ Sunglass Collection is available in three frame styles: the full coverage wrap-around Fore with unique SPY bevels, the medium-sized and lightweight Union, and the highly stylized Heir frame. All glasses come in either Matte Black or Woodgrain frames, with Platinum or Emerald Mirror Happy Lenses. Prices for SPY’s “Happy 20″ Sunglasses start at $130.

The Heir frame with Emerald Mirror Happy Lenses below. And check out a couple videos explaining the Happy Collection after the Jump…


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