Look out for Kung Fury, a Swedish-made kung fu action spoof written, directed by and starring total genius David Sandberg. What’s the story, you ask? He’s a renegade cop. Now he must defeat the most evil Kung Fu master in the world — Adolph Hitler, also known as… the Kung Führer!

That’s basically it. Angry cop, Kung Fu Nazis, in addition to there being some sort of defective time machine involved with the whole thing. To top it off, there is also a score from Mitch Murder of Mad Decent that sounds like something straight out of the mullet era, euro style. Point being, this is clearly and unarguably, the ultimate in cinematic achievement.  Thank you, Kickstarter. Film release dates still unknown. Music release this month.

Mitch Murder’s “Saturday” far below, described by Soundcloud commenter and obviously esteemed music critic, composer and theorist as “WTF even is this? But I love it.”

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