18 Jul
Retro games in a briefcase that aren't backgammon

This R-Kaid-R portable arcade console is like your old Gameboy, only cooler, and with a handle. And that’s an open and shut case. Literally. Now, when you open up your briefcase you may not find top secret files or a half drunken bottle of scotch, but  you might find a round of Super Mario Brothers instead. Featuring an OS system that will readily read ancient PC games and that of your Play Station One, the handcrafted briefcase is made from stained wood and brass and will have you looking as dapper as any herald of Atari ever could. A limited edition run of only 50 pieces will be built, but you’ll have to fork up $3,400. Packaged with USB port and SD card slot, the R-Kaid-R portable arcade console is due out this September. Available in black, Dark Walnut, White Walnut, Emerald Green Maple, or Green Maple.

One more look at the R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Console after the Jump…

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