23 Jul
Really piss people off while celebrating German victory

Germany’s best and least disastrous victory since their infamous loss during the Good War recently took place on the football pitch this month, hence this shirt’s Third Reich reminiscent statement of “Endsieg” (final victory). Although some might argue the shirt has Nazi-esque messaging — what with its pronouncement of “Weltmeister” (they may say it means “world championship”, but it actually means “world master”) — it is pretty clearly suggesting World Cup dominance, what with the soccer ball and toppling image of Christ… ummmmm, on second thought, maybe that last part wasn’t such a good idea. Hey, good taste isn’t always the defining characteristic of sports-driven fashion. If you feel this way you’re not alone, as the “Nazi World Cup” tshirts appear to have been pulled from the Amazon store already for some “unbekannt” reason. If you really want one, start scouring eBay and other sources for your chance to really piss off some people while celebrating German World Cup victory…

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