As you indubitably recall, Terry Guilliam has a new movie coming out: Zero Theorem (which we previously covered here). And apparently, although we’ll believe it when we see it, the upcoming film is reported to have all the weirdness needed to harken back to the brilliance of Brazil. Christopher Walz, who won our attention since Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained, stars as a computer genius who sets out in search for the meaning of life (but not, necessarily, in a Monty Python sort of way) and discovers, well, that there is none. Like the Orwellian world of any computer genius plummeting into spiraling nihilism  — or, come to think of it, any Guilliam film — shit then gets totally weird. And perhaps only someone like a young, French Mélanie Thierry can serve as sufficient distraction from life’s ultimate buzzkill. Already playing about the world, set your movie lookout to must-see in the U.S. for some time this summer.

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