This is a project of great interest to us here at LIAS. Mike Brodie, also known as “the Polaroid Kid”, left home with a camera and spent the next several years hopping trains all over America. The collected photos of the era have since toured the country in exhibits, ultimately settling down into the 104-page book of photography titled A Period of Juvenile ProsperityThough he collected thousands of photos that won both awards and acclaim, Brodie claims he never set out in the name of art, nor referred to himself as such. He went on with his life to complete auto-mechanic training, in fact. Shrugging off any titles of “photographer” or “artist”, Brodie’s humble attitude kind of lends a beautifully relevant sense of humility and authenticity to his work. Which is saying something, as his imagery captures a secret underground of existence that has always fascinated us personally. It kind of makes you want to runaway from your troubles… or at least pick up a camera and seek adventure.

A look at some of Mike Brodie’s work below


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