Leo Justi of the Waxploitation label just dropped his new Heavy Baile mixtape as more proof that Brazil is always bringing the heat. Sure Baile Funk was a phenomenon that took over global dancefloors back in 2006, but that doesn’t mean the producers of Rio de Janeiro haven’t been shaking up the favelas ever since. Take a listen to the newest crop of baile funk bass bin shattering right here with Heavy Baile, 18 tracks in all, a thumping testament that Rio still knows how to party… as if there was ever any doubt. Time to baile, something heavy.

Full tracklising of Leo Justi’s “Heavy Baile” Mixtape after the Jump…

Leo Justi’s “Heavy Baile” Mixtape Tracklisting:

1. “Deixa Os Garoto” (Leo Justi / DJ Cabide)
2. “Montagem Santa Marta” (DJ Renan / Leo Justi Edit)
3. “Di Ladin” (Leo Justi)
4. “Treinamento do Bumbum” (DJ Dede Mandrak / Leo Justi Remix)
5. “Jack” (Breach / Leo Justi Remix)
6. “Boss Ass Tambor” Riddim (Nicki Minaj x Rye Rye / Leo Justi)
7. “Go Down Low” (Leo Justi Heavy Baile Edit)
8. “BK Tarada” (Leo Justi)
9. “O Baile Todo” (Bonde do Tigrão)
10. “Gaitero” (Leo Justi)
11. “Trapshit v6 x Onda Forte” (UZ x Mc Carol / Leo Justi Edit)
12. “A Cuca Te Pega” (Dori Caymmi e Geraldo Casé / Montagem Leo Justi)
13. “O Homem Mau (Sniper Queen)” (Leo Justi)
14. “Fala Mal De Mim” (Mc Beyonce / Leo Justi Remix)
15. “Pon de Prep” (Leo Justi / Beatacue / Bola de Fogo)
16. “Atoladinha” (Bola de Fogo / Leo Justi Edit)
17. “Pon de Roof” (Leo Justi Mashup)
18. “Mulherada” (DJ Comrade / Leo Justi Remix) 


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