15 Aug
We're switching servers & will be back next Monday with new content!

We were trying to find that “Please Stand By: Technical Difficulties” image from The Simpsons — you know, the one where the camera guy’s all drunk, and kicks the cable out unintentionally? But couldn’t find one that wasn’t all blurry so we’ll have to go with the traditional color bars above. While not actually undergoing ” Technical Difficulties”, Lost In a Supermarket is indeed moving servers to handle what has become increasingly hectic traffic. While this is a great problem for a website to have, it also comes with its own set of issues — ones we’re hoping are solved with our new massive suite of servers — electronic minions to do our evil bidding! We’ll be posting new stuff next week, so keep your eyes out for new content starting Monday, and thank you so much our regular readers for letting us share our weekly stupidity with you. Cheers, and see y’all next week!

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