Nothing adds yum to your rum like a pile of cigarette butts, or at least that’s what the guys at New Zealand’s Stolen Rum have figured out. Tobacco and coffee being flavoring agents to their Coffee & Cigarettes spiced rum — inspired by famed indie director Jim Jarmusch’s film of the same name — the spirit is newly available to the U.S after a successful run in the Kiwi-Aussie area for a few years now. Coffee & Cigarettes spiced rum will swoon you with the smoothest touches of a cappuccino ashtray to ever bless your Mai Tai. Available wherever Stolen Rum products are sold, which is presently only a handful of places in Southern California and Florida. But if you ever hit the other hemisphere, you can find other rums like Stolen Gold, Dark or White, as well as a totally different set of constellations in the sky.

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